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Video Analytics (VA)

Video Analytics

for Public Safety

VA can support and enhance the traditional use of CCTV as both

a proactive and reactive public safety tool by using artificial intelligence   together with machine learning to make Video Surveillance smarter and   faster in response times. Turning video feeds into actionable insights to improve Safety, Security, and Operations.

By applying computer vision to CCTV camera networks to automatically  generate insights without a need for human monitoring and analysis.


Video analytics automates observation, so that we can effectively utilize   human resources (less monitoring, more proactive duty).

The system can be used in different arrays of public safety such as:
                        - Perimeter Intrusion Detection
                        - Vehicle Monitoring
                        - Abandoned or Removed Object Detection
                        - People Counting
                        - Loitering Detection
                        - Classification Detection
                        - Target Detection and Auto Track

Video Analytics

 for Traffic Law Enforcement

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is a powerful CCTV based application using specialized cameras to enable identification, loggin, and monitoring of vehicle number plates.


ANPR powered by AI and machine learning can provide automated ability for Traffic Law Enforcement such as License Plate Detection and Auto-tracking, Lane Change Detection, Parking Control, Red Light Violation Detection, Road Space Rationing (Odd/ Even day).


VA for Traffic Law Enforcement:
- ATS 8950:     2,500 cameras
- ATS 8850:     1,500 cameras
- ATS 8750:        750 cameras

Video Analytics

for Quality Assurance

In manufacturing environments, video analytic on CCTV cameras network powered with artificial intelligence and machine learning makes working environment smarter, more precise and more secure. VA will alert any defined anomaly in real time to the relevant stakeholder, on any devices.
The VA system can be fine tuned to clearly defined recognition goals to suit customer specific requirements.
With video recognition capabilities, cameras detect deviations and quality flaws on the surface of products. The technology automates quality control processes and can be even more precise than the human eye. The system can also be used to detect manufacturing workforce safety and process monitoring.

VidEo Analytics

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