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Banking and Financial SolutionS

Banking and Financial Solutions

Strategic Solutions

- Banking & Financial Solution    

- Enterprise Risk Management      

- Credit Risk Analytic Consulting
- Scoring Model Strategy Consulting
- BOT Regulatory Consulting
- Banking & Financial Software

- Core Bank Solution (CBS)
- Decision Strategy Software Engine
- Loan Origination Solution (LOS)
- Customer management Solution
- Collection & Recovery Solution
- System Integration and ETL
- Business Decision Strategy Solution

- Strategy  Consulting

- Decision Workflow Management Solutions

- Calculation Engine

- Appraisal Solution

- Document Management


analytic solutions support the critical job functions of modern day’s risk manager.

By streamlining and systematizing the process, risk manager has powerful and flexible analytic platform to support the custom scorecard models, data attribute sets and complex risk management strategies.

It is necessary that manager fully utilizes all available data to better understand customer behavior and changing demographics in order to remain viable. Strategy Optimization
Engine assures precise and efficient use of available data to better enable your risk
strategies, drive competitive strength and maximize return on investment.

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