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Banking and Financial Solutions

Strategic Solutions

- Banking & Financial Solution    

- Enterprise Risk Management      

- Credit Risk Analytic Consulting
- Scoring Model Strategy Consulting
- BOT Regulatory Consulting
- Banking & Financial Software

- Core Bank Solution (CBS)
- Decision Strategy Software Engine
- Loan Origination Solution (LOS)
- Customer management Solution
- Collection & Recovery Solution
- System Integration and ETL
- Business Decision Strategy Solution

- Strategy  Consulting

- Decision Workflow Management Solutions

- Calculation Engine

- Appraisal Solution

- Document Management


IP Communication system

NGN Next Generation Network
SBC Session Border Controller

IP Soft Switches, VOIP Specialist and Consultant Services
IPPBX, IP-Phone, Video Phone, Soft Phone Solutions
CRM Customer Relationship Management
Call Center Solutions 


Fax System ( Paperless ) Green Fax Solutions
Protect environment and decrease global warming
Web base application, 

Video Streaming RTSP, HLS, VP8
Video on Demand | Support Fast Forward
Video Conversion support High Definition (HD), (DV) 

Network Solutions support Digital-IP Radio Communication for both Digital and Analog
VPN (Virtual Private Network Services) over Internet 
DDN Digital Data Network
MPLS Multiprotocol Label Switching
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode

Signaling System Number 7 (SS7) Inband / Out-of-band
Media Gateway 
Signaling Gateway
Analog, T1, E1 GSM-CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal  
T1/E1 Channel Bank - Convert E1/T1 to Analog Ports (FXO,FXS)
T1/E1 Echo Cancellation  

Radio Communication

Communication System

2G / 3G / 4G (LTE) /5G (2020)

Digtal Trunked Solutions 


TETRA-T 800MHz 300-470MHz
Tetra Basestation
Voice Logger
Network Management
Network Planning
Outdoor and Indoor Coverage
-Tetra Portable units
-Tetra Mobile units
-Tetra Bidirectional Amplifier 
Site preparation 

WIRELESS 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz 

TETRA (Digital Tetra Trunking System)

Information Technology
Software Solution

Network, Software solution

OSS - Network Infrastructure and Inventory Management System
Include workflow, realtime assets and inventory value
Support: includes IP, MPLS, SDH, SONET, PDH, WDM, Fiber, Ethernet, NGN,  Frame Relay, ATM, Voice, Mobile, WiMax, Radio, DCN, Sync, etc. 


Order Management , Package Offering
Billing Solutions for VOIP,Calling card, Services Provider, Content Provider, Network

Business Process Management Solutions (BPM)
Integration Solutions (SOA / ESB , Service Oriented Architecture , Enterprise Service Bus)
Business Intelligence Solutions (BI, Report Tools , OLAP ) 
E-Services and E-License Application (License Request Process Management)
E-School Management  (School Management)
E-Offices Management (Office Management)
Fax Distribution (Predictive Call Solutions)
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 
Customer Relationship Management  (CRM)  
IVR Payment 
Automate Repeat order over the phone 
Predictive Call Distribution 
Conferencing System (Video,Video,Web)
Software Development & Customization (Java & Java Enterprise Edition, 

PHP ,Python )


Broadcasting system, Digital TV equipment

(Thailand starts rolling out DVBT2 trial in 2013)

- Ingest System
- Capture System , Encoder Decoder
- Media Assets Management
- Degital Assets Management
-Over Broadband IP
  Streaming Solutions RTSP, HLS, VP8
-Over Digital Radio Frequency (DVBT2)
  Radio Transmitter 
-Over Satellite (DVB-S2)

- DVB-T2, DVB-S2

Aviation Business


Sole distributor


Spare parts

Flight training

Aerial survey

Flying services

Health cares

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

- Airnergy Medical plus

- Far Infared Sauna

- OZone Machine



Security (Military and Government)

Lawful Interception  

Phone Jammer

Shoe and Leg Scanner/Analyzer

Through-wall Detection System

X-ray Inspection system (People, Mail, Baggage, Vehicle & Cargo)


Energy system & Solution

- Wind Energy
   Wind Energy  Solutions

- Solar Energy
   Solar Energy  Solutions

- Geothermal Energy
   Geothermal Solutions

- Electrical Energy 
     Electrical Energy Solutions
         - Power Batteries Storage 
          - Power Batteries Inverter
          - Power EV Charger 

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